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by earth spirit creations

Below is a small selection of the unique sites we've designed and implemented over the years, in no particular order. This is not a complete list - it's simply a few examples from our comprehensive list of clients.

Enjoy the wonderfully touching and sometimes amusing testimonials of what clients have to say about working with us...


Changing the website to a richer look made Oceanside Cottages' online presence more realistically representative of the soulful, inspiring feel of these enchanting cottages on Salt Spring Island, BC. Though our efforts, we were very quickly able to bring in more business through search engines.

Peter and Lynda have been wonderfully gracious hosts and co-creative muses as we developed and grew this project together.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"Dear Renee, Where to begin about your lovely website....the first thing that I must credit you with is the resulting increase in occupancy at our accommodations; simply put, the new site brought customers in droves for our best season of bookings ever. The site is warm, functional and beautiful and it encourages visitors to call or e-mail us. We must also say that you and your staff were a pleasure to work with -you have a rare combination of technical savvy and artistic creativity. It is also to your credit that you made visits to and stayed in our cottages to get a first hand feel for what we do. We will continue to spread the word about the great things Earth Spirit Creations can do for a business. With gratitude, Peter and Lynda"


Working with Jim has been an inspiring experience filled with a whole bunch of "Aha!" moments on professional and personal levels. I'm honoured to have the pleasure of working with him to bring his alluring blend of spiritual groundedness and casual practicality into the online world.

Jim was voted by our staff to receive the Earth Spirit Creations' "Sexiest Client Voice" award. (We're not kidding - check out his downloadable mp3's!)

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"Prior to meeting Renee Deakin, I had worked with several uninspiring website designers and was just plain disillusioned. My desires seemed impossible to realize. I finally gave in to frustration and settled for a 'cookie cutter' site. Tepid but convenient. Imagine my relief when I found Renee. During our first conversation, I listened carefully to her thoughtful questions and critiques of my old site and knew that she would intuitively be able to give form to my ideas.  And what a spot-on job she did!  Co-creating the website was a particularly satisfying endeavor; she was able to provide direction when I was unsure and was easily accepting of my 'must haves'  (especially laudable when other designers would argue me out of them).  I very much enjoyed the give-and-take flow of perfecting the site.  And, sure, I'll say it, the site is pretty damned perfect.  Renee has my highest recommendation and regard. ~ James Matson, LCSW, Psychotherapist"


Working with the gang at NutriHarmony is truly fulfilling in so many ways. What an honour to be a part of a collective group of people for whom truly natural health and wellness is so intrinsic and apparent. Not to mention the great laughs!

Not only have I had the pleasure of creating this "rainforest" template design for NutriHarmony's MLM website, but I've also created the promotional brochures, full color glossy booklet, business cards and stationery, the packaging for NutriHarmony's leader product Enfusia for international distribution, and the list continues to grow.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"What! are you kidding me? Renee ROCKS! I give her mind garble (I'm not even sure what I want) and she gives me back simple, exquisite, beauty. She took my existing site form looking like "Ok, so who let the kids play with Dreamweaver again" to a site where everyone who sees it either coments how nice and easy it is or just simply says Ahhhhhhh..... Results speak for themselves, she produces results, end of story! ~ Patrick Shelley, CEO, NutriHarmony"


What a pleasure working with Monica Dragosz on her website focusing on her counselling and psychological services in Calgary, Alberta. The two of us worked beautifully together in insightful, intuitive ways to bring heart and soul to this new website using inspired imagery from Monica's own collection of photos. Created in Wordpress, Monica will enjoy being able to maintain her site herself.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Giving Connie's old site a complete facelift gives her an opportunity to have a full ecommerce website that she can maintain and manage herself.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Working together with Gudrun on her Oaktree Energy Medicine Centre website reminds me of why I enjoy working in the wholistic field so much. Each step of the way, our intuitive connection was apparent as the design developed into the finished website. Another Wordpress website that allows her to make updates herself.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Lorraine's gentle and peaceful spirit inspired the simplicity and naturalness of the design of this website. Showcasing her as a poet, writer, teacher, editor, and writing/creativity coach, this website is truly "the place where the ordinary and extraordinary meet"...

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

This is one of my own inspirations - an interactive conscious community on Vancouver Island encouraging simple, holistic, healthy, restorative living for personal, social, environmental and spiritual growth. Utilizes a message board/forums and automated events calendar to create a full online community catering to the islands off the west coast of Canada. (Not currently online.)

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

What a delight to work with Catherine, putting her CD for sale online along with downloadable samples of the CD and a complimentary downloadable meditation. The simplicity of this site beckons the visitor, allowing them to find information easily and quickly, while having the beautiful visual cue of a portal or hallway that encourages them to be drawn further into the site.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

We loved working on bringing Rachel Mara's provocative, modern glamour design sense to the web. We were commissioned to integrate the design of rachelmara.com into an online store portion of the site. The result: a bold, original, sensual website in the flavour of it's muse. (Store now offline.)

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Kate's grounded sense of spirituality is beautiful to work with - we seem to have developed the wonderful gift of being teachers and students to one another.

I designed this website through a bright flash of intuitive inspiration after receiving a copy of her logo. The final website looked nothing like the image I had in my head when I began. It was so much better! Installed in WordPress, Kate is able to keep her website updated with a blog, and can make text changes when needed on the website pages as well.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"Knowing Renee as I do, I would not have asked anyone else to design my site. Working with intuition myself, it was a perfect match, as this is the approach Renee takes. Aside from my logo and writings, the site was created and designed by Renee based on my bit of criteria I sent, and I love it.  She and Marla were totally professional in their dealing with me, and in putting to me the need to understand the necessity of a working website, doing what you originally hoped to accomplish and doing it effortlessly.  My input was asked for when needed and I couldn't have asked for more from them.  Thank you, Earth Spirit Creations. ~ Kate Deakin"


With a plethora of suggestions, curiosity and whimsical creativity, Lynda's approach to this new website design has been filled with energy and eagerness. On a journey together of learning and growth, we've created and maintain this website that is an awesome and pleasant representation of Lynda's natural inspiration for creative wellness!

Note: This site has been redesigned and is maintained by another company, based on our original design.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Pooling our creative talents, Sarah and I have worked fantastically together on several client projects, co-creating with inspiration and fun! Recreating her own website to reflect her new logo design was no exception - we combined our creative talents with good website sense, and came up with this simple, elegant website that showcases her impish yet elegant personality and sense of design.

Note: This site is now maintained by another company using our original design.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"After 5 years of searching for someone with both the design and technical talent to create my website, I was blessed to find Renee. Her beautiful design and technical skills, mixed with her acute intuition are not easily found in the world of web design - and it has a profound impact on both the process and the finished product. My website allows me to showcase my work in a way that feels comfortable, natural and professional. The finished site goes way beyond my expectations and it is a delight to send people to see it. Working together with Renee has been fantastic and deeply rewarding creative experience ... the synergy between us seems to bring the best out in us both. I feel very blessed to have such a talented, inspiring and creative support for my business. Renee, I thank you each and every day for all you offer to the world. ~ sarah"


Mary Ann's incredible sense of playfulness and creativity comes through in the varied colours of each section of her website. Truly an honour and joy to witness Mary Ann's creativity and explorative personality, working with her on her site and getting to know her personally has been a wonderful blessing.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"I had ideas for my website including suggestions for colours for the various pages. Renee listened to my suggestions and added her alchemical blend of attentiveness, intuition, creativity and technological expertise (what an amazing cauldron!), and created a website that soars beyond my imaginings. What delights me is the fact that my website represents me very well which is really what we want a website to do. Friends and potential clients tell me how fresh, lively and creative the website is and that it is a breeze to navigate. Just what I wanted - and more! My website also helps me to step into my full potential. Renee is a wizard with excellent listening skills and a treasure chest of possibilities. I'm grateful for her many gifts. ~ Mary Ann Moore"


Our focus for the Heimann's new website design was on bringing more of a sense of tranquility and spa-like energy to the website, which better reflects the true energy of their work. Working with their suggestions and photo selections, we brought more of a sense of aliveness and lightness to their website.

While being easy to navigate and simple to use for visitors, it offers the website owners the ability to post their own changes themselves.

Note: This site is no longer online.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"Open, friendly, trusting and professional were the attributes for which we wanted to be portrayed on our website. Renee and her team did an awesome job of translating these attributes into a design that speaks for itself. Renee's idea to set up the website as a blog gives us the opportunity to make any changes to the wording ourselves any time - whenever we need them to do. Like right now. Thank you, Renee and team! ~ Thorsten Heimann, M.Ed."


Working in the deep, quiet spaces between the words, I've experienced a deeply nurturing, real element in my work life while feeling lifted spiritually at the same time through my work with Sandra.

Working with another designer's creation, I took over the maintenance of this site several years ago, and have been caring for it ever since.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

More than just website design, Liz and I connected on a much larger, deeper level, encouraging each other to walk consciously through the process with honesty and awareness. I am grateful to have become mirrors and muses for one another along the way.

This is the second website I've prepared with Liz. With the involvement of Sarah Clark's fresh energy, ideas and spirit, our creative trifecta has been a blessing in so many ways.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design
Inspired Health Naturopathic Clinic

Working with Dr. Marianne to bring her website to reality was a transformational, energizing process. We focused on presenting her information in a simple, easy to navigate and read format, while using design elements to present the work that she does with vitality and vibrance.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Being a tactile kind of person, Shelley needed a more visual, hands-on approach to designing her website. Working with the best of her ideas, I was able to bring her desires into reality while offering suggestions and website wisdom along the way. Together, we spent the time together to co-create an appealing, bright website that offers a sense of aliveness to visitors.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Another website in which I was able to bring many of the respectful, abundant principles of wholistic website design into a more mainstream type of website. I focused on bringing a classy, elegant feel to the website while offering essential business information in an organized yet not stuffy way.

In a large, competitive corporate market such as Calgary, Alberta, we were able to increase this site's rankings for a highly common keyphrase to within the top five sites in Google.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

This website came into reality, telling a story all of it's own about Deb and her creations and wisdom.

It was developed with a clean, simple interface that was implemented into the templates of an online store, allowing Deb to offer her products and workshops for sale online. She maintains product management herself.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Working with Astrid was a refreshing, exhilarating process that offered a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude upon completion.

Our first step was to design a new logo for her, one that represented her elegant, contemporary and business-like look and feel. I then implemented the logo and colour scheme into her online store, and we rounded out her promotions with business cards and an ad in a prominent wellness magazine.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

This site was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, fed by Jeni's unique selection of imagery provided to us. Always interesting and enlightening, our consultations and progress are always a great source of personal encouragement as well as professional wisdom.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"As I watched my website come together, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty of how Earth Spirit Creations put everything together. I could not believe how much positive energy and response's it has already brought me. I am proud of all of the hard work and energy that went into the website. My spiritual work is "Who I Am and Why I Am Here... Life is a journey for each of us, not a destination. With Love and Light, Jeni Cousins"


This is the second design for Kor in which we reflected his more 'galactic' personality. Not my usual style, it was a refreshing and fun experience to come away from the more soulful designs and focus on bringing Kor's own unique style into his website. Thanks, Kor!

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"I am writing to thank you so very much for my new design. Renee, you have been a constant help with my web presence and now with this new and my second web design by Earth Spirit Creations, I am ever more sure of the skill and assistance offered by your very special web design company. I am highly recommending you to anyone who is looking for a design that will truly give a spectacular presentation on the web. Earth Spirit Creations is the company to do the job. Thank you again Renee. ~ C.N. (KOR) RODGERS"


Using a Flash movie in a way that entices and enchants visitors, this site was created to reflect the style of the Living Well treatment rooms that I'd seen in photos, while providing a simple navigation for visitors to easily find information on services offered.

Note: This site is offline.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Co-creating intensely with the website owners, we brought into fruition a beautiful, flowing website that offered real-time ecommerce purchasing online and easy to navigate information to support the products. The website owners hired us for our design services, and now maintain the text of this website themselves.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

I was asked to bring the basic ideas from this client's old website design into a more professional image, and implement the new design into the templates of a full storebuilder ecommerce solution. We designed the template layout for this online store, and the client maintains all products and sales.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"Soulful" describes this website's owner perfectly! The photos she supplied to us provided the inspiration for the original design of the website. She now maintains the site herself and it has been completely redesigned by another company.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Stepping away from my typical design look and feel, I created this website to have a medieval, enchanting layout that represents the wiccan and pagan flavour of their physical shoppe. Adding an ecommerce solution and updating software has enabled Eileen to maintain her website herself.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Developing Ron's site offered us at Earth Spirit Creations an opportunity to do something we hadn't done before - offer one of our protegé's, Shelley Deakin, to develop and grow her very first website all on her own. A proud accomplishment for all of us, we were pleased to assist Ron in having an appealing, professional web presence.

As we occasionally update the site, it's a chance to reconnect again with the roots of passing along knowledge and wisdom to others.

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

"I am very satisfied with my website developed by Earth Spirit Creations. Strong support was provided throughout the development process along with many suggestions on ways to enhance it. I have received many favourable comments, including, that it is user friendly and professionally developed. I will recommend Earth Spirit Creations to my friends and associates should they be looking for a website developer. ~ Ron Sypher"


offline / expired website designs

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design
Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design
Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design

Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design
Wholistic/Holistic Intuitive Website Design


Here's what a few of our past customers have had to say about their experience with our Wholistic Web Design.


"Renee is more than a 'techie web designer' - though she is that and very good at it. She has an innate ability to 'see' the purpose behind the idea and design a web site that is extremely functional while showcasing the creativity and ideals of her customers. Part of my healing journey has been writing the story of my challenge with cancer. Another part has been the sharing of information garnered through research, health practitioners of diverse modalities, books and products. With Renee's encouragement, technical help and creativity this website offers hope, information and practical suggestions for survival. It is my pleasure to recommend her web design services to anyone, anywhere."

~ Michelle Butts

Your Secret Garden

"Renée was, and is, the amazing force behind the creation, and upkeep, of Your Secret Garden's website. She was an amazing motivator and a keen eye, with a tremendous amount of inspirational ideas and thoughts. Without her, www.yoursecretgarden.ca would not be! Thanks Renée!"

~ Jody Kierstead, Professional Aromatherapist

My Moonster

"Once I realized that my website was in need of an overhaul, I knew I had to find a designer that would understand what I am about. I did a search on the web for web designers and spirit and moon. And sure enough I found EarthSpirit! Looking through the portfolio, I was happy to see sites with similar "moods" as mine. So I sent off the quote inquiry and heard back very quickly from Renée.
Immediately it was clear that she understood my goals with my site. She looked at my old site and seemed to already be envisioning what the site really needed to express what the service was. Our first phone call almost seemed like two friends chatting about similar interests! I was so happy to be working with someone I actually liked and who, under other circumstances, would have been a friend anyway!
Fortunately, Renée also really enjoys working with her clients since I'm definitely a hands-on kind of person. After seeing the initial design (and loving it) I was able to envision a flow and it gave me more ideas for services even! Renée was more than happy to implement changes and made sure she understood my new direction. How wonderful to have a rewarding experience with someone eight time zones away!
I am so happy with my new site design and am getting all positive feedback from visitors. Renée says she is available in the future if anything comes up and I almost hope something does, just so I can keep in touch! :)"

~ Heather Witham


Orignal website design - June 2003

"I am writing you to thank you so very much for the service and design of my site, www.healingstargate.com. I searched for months to find the right designer for my needs and expectations. Our first conversation gave me the assurance that I had found the right person. You not only did a superior design, but your extra help was exceptional. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a design that offers every possibility to present a clear well designed and inviting presence on the web. You and Earth Spirit Creations are spectacular. Thank you, and blessings to your work."

~ C.N. Rodgers

Complete website re-design - November 2004

"I am writing to thank you so very much for my new design: www.healingstargate.com. Renee, you have been a constant help with my web presence and now with this new and my second web design by Earth Spirit Creations, I am ever more sure of the skill and assistance offered by your very special web design company. I am highly recommending you to anyone who is looking for a design that will truly give a spectacular presentation on the web. Earth Spirit Creations is the company to do the job. Thank you again Renee."


American Beauty Salon & Spa

"If you want a partner who can create and also listen carefully to your needs, work with Earth Spirit Creations and enjoy your web site."

~ Arkady Grinberg

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